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Rexford Exteriors

About Us

The Reyes family started Rexford Exteriors because of the true absence of quality and workmanship in the residential re-modelling industry. That's why The Reyes family has dedicated themselves to providing the highest quality products and professional services to home owners across the Golden Horseshoe. Along the way, we plan to keep hundred of customers happy and create more jobs for Canadians! This all encompassed in being one of the best managed companies in Canada. 

We offer expansive home installation, replacement, and repairs on eavestroughs, siding, fascia, and downspouts services to remodel your home. Offering a 10-year workmanship warranty on our work - we use only the highest quality products and fully certified, insurance and trained full-time employees We want to be your number one choice in residential re-modelling!

Rexford Exteriors

Current Specials and Offers

  • Get 25% OFF all Eavestrough, Soffit and Fascia services!

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Our Process

Rexford Exteriors is driven by core initiatives. Whether it comes to service, honesty, or hard work, we know how to handle projects of any size from idea to finishing nail. When you request Rexford Exteriors services, you not only get the best quality products and professional service, you also choose to work with a company who has your best interest in mind. 

This is why we have developed a thorough customer process to guarantee you receive an unmatched level of service. We will make sure you go from confused about what you want, to happy you chose us!


Step 1: When you are ready, give us a call!

One of our customer service specialists will take the pleasure in speaking with you to collect some brief information before they pair you with one of our certified trained sales executive.

Step 2: We call you!

A Rexford Exteriors Certified Sales Executive will contact you within 24-48 to introduce and acquaint themselves before scheduling the best time inspect the subject property for the requested work. 

Step 3: We perform our certified inspection/estimate!

When we arrive, we will carefully inspect & measure the requested work to cover every detail and installation measure needed to give you exactly what you are looking for.

Step 4: Decide on Options

After our certified sales executive has completed a full service inspection, they will work with you to select options that match functionality and budget

Step 5: Confirm Order

Once all the details are set, and you're happy with your plans, you confirm the project with us so then we may begin preparation and scheduling


Step 6: Installation Manager

After your order has been confirmed, your sales executive will forward your complete project information to one of our designated field installation managers. Field installation managers are field and sales representatives who are well versed in industry specific, specialty craftsmanship, active health and safety measures, and strategic installation operations. They will inspect the subject property and confirm the order details set by the sales executive. They will also identify and outline any potential hazards or restriction points are the subject property to prepare any access equipment for these applications. We make sure we make no mistakes!

Step 7: Installation

The time has come to put the face you choose on your home! To finally give it the change it was looking for! We arrive on our scheduled date or time and we get right to work! Our crews are briefed every morning on the projects and active duties every day. They come well equipped and prepared to deliver the project to our highest standard, as per the details committed in your order that was confirmed with your field installations manager. Our field installation lead will be happy to have a discussion with you at certain point throughout the day. When we arrive, we keep going until the job is done!

Step 8: Installation Audit

There is a lot more than meets the eye in home remodelling and restoration. This is why we have implemented an additional service for our customers that shows them we make sure we go above and beyond on each and every project we deliver. After we have tied together ever last inch of your project, your field installations manager will return to audit our performance. We will inspect the completed work. If we find that the work has effectively not been completed to standard, we will return to correct any issues and deliver your warranty!

Proudly Based in Hamilton, Ontario and serving all areas in the Golden Horseshoe!

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Our Services

roof with labels of eavestrough, fascia and downspouts

Eavestroughs / Gutters

A quality eavestrough system secured to your roof can be an important part of your home's drainage and foundation system. Not only does it keep water out of a basement, but also it protects a home’s foundation from water damage. Luckily, Rexford Exteriors has the experience and attention to detail that makes any aluminum eavestroughs an absolute perfect fit for your home.

  1. First, we decide where the water within the eavestrough system is going to go before hanging it. Ideally, the eavestroughs will be mounted so that water flows toward a side of the house where a downspout can safely channel it away from the foundation.
  2. Next, we measure the length of the roof edges where the eavestroughs will be. We add an additional 10 percent to this number in case some lengths need to be cut.
  3. We take note of how many elbows, downspouts, and other components we will need to complete the project. We install mounting brackets about every 2 feet to support the structure.
  4. When measuring the slop,  Starting on the opposite end of where the downspout will be, we mark below the edge of the roof. Next, we calculate the slope the eavestrough system will need. We make sure that the line is level, or our calculations will be off. Once the slope has been calculated, we make a mark for the final height on the downspout side and use a chalk line to mark a straight line across the distance.
  5. Securing Mounting Brackets and Fittings.  Using a drill and rust-resistant screws, we fasten the mounting brackets approximately every 2 feet along the sloping line left by the chalk line. We Install any elbows and downspout brackets in the same manner.
  6. Mounting the Eavestrough. Once the mounting brackets are in place, we fasten the eavestroughs to them. In the places where the eavestroughs meet, we join the pieces with silicone caulk to keep water from leaking through the seams.
  7. Installing the Downspouts. Once the rest of the eavestrough system has been installed, we join the downspout to the drop-outlet bracket with a bead of silicone caulk. At the bottom of the downspout, connect an elbow to channel the water away from the house’s foundation. You can attach a tube of flexible plastic pipe to the elbow to guarantee that the water is led far from the house before is vented onto the ground.

Soffit / Fascia

Wrap the soffits and fascias on your home with prefinished aluminum and you'll never have to scrape, prime or paint those roof edges again. New aluminum soffits (the underside of eaves) and fascias (the vertical trim at the roof edge) by Rexford Exteriors won't peel or rot, so they'll last for decades with no maintenance.

Aluminum is a good solution for wood soffits and fascias in awful shape. It'll take less time to bury them behind aluminum trim than to repair, scrape and repaint the old wood.

Fix the roof first. If you hide problems, they'll only get worse!

Chances are, if your soffits or roof framing is water damaged, you have serious roof problems that you must solve before starting this project. Even though water won't damage the new aluminum, you may actually accelerate underlying wood decay by burying evidence of leaks. Common problems are ice dams, shingle edges that are broken off or that don't project far enough, and even sagging shingles that form a trough just behind the fascia. You may even need a new roof. If you're not sure, have Rexford Exteriors the call before you start!


Aluminum fascia goes directly over the wood fascia and has a lip at the bottom that laps over the outer edge of the installed aluminum soffit. It comes in two standard widths: 6 and 8 in. We measure the width of your wood fascia to determine which width to use for your project.

Drip edge:

Metal drip edge may already be on your home. It projects from under the shingles and directs water away from the surface of the fascia. You can reuse existing drip edge if it's in good shape and you're happy with the color.

Prep the old roof edges. We remove existing shingle molding and frieze boards and replace any rotten fascia. We cut in additional soffit venting where necessary and remove existing soffit grilles to improve airflow.

Most homes already have soffit vents. They conduct outside air into the attic to help prevent ice dams in the winter and keep attics cool in the summer. It's best to Rexford Exteriors remove existing vent covers for freer airflow before installing ventilated soffit panels. You should have about 1 sq. ft. of vents for every 300 sq. ft. of ceiling area, so we will need to add more holes if you're lacking ventilation.

Fascia board repair

The old wood fascia boards must be sound enough to hold the new fascia nails. This is why we check the wood quality before instaling the aluminum. We replace punky or rotten wood with straight pine boards the same width and thickness as the old.

Shingle moldings are narrow trim boards nailed to the top of the fascia if gutters aren't used. They, like drip edge, direct water runoff away from the face to forestall weather damage. We pry them off with a flat bar and pull any leftover nails to prepare for the aluminum.

If the house has frieze boards (trim boards directly below the soffits), we remove them unless their removal leaves an unfinished gap between the siding and the new soffit. If that's the case, we leave it and butt the J-channel against it. Removing the frieze board is optional. We would do this if you ever expect to replace your siding. That way, you'll be able to strip off the old siding without wrecking the new soffits.

Aside from the jigsaw, none of these tools costs much, so it's usually cheaper to buy rather than rent them. Home centers carry the same quality tools the pros use.

Installing Aluminum J-Trim.  We Nail J-channel against the existing soffit into the soffit framing. 

We custom cut the soffit panels to size and prepare the material for installation. This includes cutting any holes needed for pot lights or ornaments on the soffit.


Installing vinyl siding can help to reduce the amount of maintenance you have to do to the outside of your house. When you decide to request vinyl siding services from Rexford Exteriors you can trust in a quality installation process. 

When you begin looking for siding products and services, it is best to think about why you want vinyl siding installed.

Vinyl siding is a good option for homeowners who like the look of siding, but don't want the expense that comes with cedar and concrete composite products and don't want the hassle of painting outside of there how periodically. 

Before you decide on vinyl siding for your home, go visit some houses that have them and make sure you like what you see, ask a local realtor about how installing vinyl siding might affect the value of your house, decide what type of vinyl you want,as it comes in various textures and materials.

Consider hiring a quality contractor, like Rexford Exteriors! Although it may seem simple and cost effect to install the siding on your own, the quality of installation can have a huge effect on the house if installed incorrectly

What goes during the installation process:

The outside of your home is prepared for the siding, we do this by thoroughly checking the outside of the house for any moisture problems,  structural defects, loose and old rotting boards and any old caulking around the doors and windows. Once all of that is checked, all the fixtures belonging to the house will be removed as well to prevent any damage during the installation process. After our installation is complete we audit our work for any mistake or defects that may have occurred due to a cause of faulty workmanship to ensure we complete your requested work to our highest standards.

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